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Actualities in times of Coronavirus

17.03.2020 vivante community in english
Actualities in times of Coronavirus

Let’s feel the solidarity and let’s focus on what still unites us, maybe more than ever!

The campus vivant’e is located far away from modern society, nearly in the wilderness. Nature, mountains, simple living, few people in small villages and at the moment a beautiful spring scenery everywhere around, subhanallah. 

But remote or centrally located, in times of Coronavirus it’s nearly the same - Covid-19 affects us all, wherever we live. As so many other countries worldwide, Morocco also decided to close its schools, and we, as well, have to temporarily close our campus. The structures of normal life change and the whole world is confronted with a new reality. Social and external contacts are broken down to a minimum – nationwide, and also worldwide. 

But despite all enforced isolation, this kind of connects us all: A feeling of solidarity  - we are all sitting in the same boat…  


Actually, we have to accept what happens around, because we do not have the power to change the outside. But we have the power to choose our attitude and our response to the realities out there.  
We can look for the opportunities in this personal/social limited freedom - that’s what the campus vivant’e stands for: challenging ourselves, exploring new ways, discovering wider horizons…  


Maybe it’s the time for an awakening. 
Maybe out of all this breakdown a new order will arise. 
Maybe it is time to create a new vision for the world.
However, this new reality puts a lot of things into question: 
We have to find new ways for connecting with others. We might have to find a new structure of society. We have to rethink our way of educating. And we as schools and educational institutions might have to find a new purpose and mission in our role. 
What does really matter? What do we really have to teach? 


In times of new media, with television and internet, it should not be too difficult to stay connected and to explore the possibilities of online learning, distant collaboration and self-guided education. But this new situation might also be a moment to pause. To be at home, alone or with the closest family, taking a break from the urge and stress of normal work and school life.  Reconnecting with ourselves and those nearest, re-defining our roles as parents, as teachers, as humans in general. 

As Muslims, we have faith in God’s predestination and in our destiny (quadr’) and we know that there are trials and tribulations we will be tested with. We try to be patient in those trials; we know that Allah will never forsake us, nor will He burden us with a trial that is more than what we can handle. We have faith and know this too shall pass and that everything happens for a reason, alhamdulillah! No matter what the affair – in the end it’s always good. Allahu akbar! And if it’s the end, then as well, it is good. 

Allāh says in the Qur’ān:

 “And We will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and fruits, but give good tidings to the patient”

“Who, when disaster strikes them, say, ‘Indeed we belong to Allāh, and indeed to Him we will return.’” 


So, dear partners and friends all over the country and all over the world, let’s stay connected! 
Let’s feel the solidarity and let’s focus on what still unites us, maybe more than ever: 

Hope, understanding, empathy, looking for opportunities, offering empowerment, taking personal responsibility - together for the better, together for a good world in health, prosperity and peace. 

Let’s take this time to calm down, to reflect about the really important things, about how we wish to proceed after this most challenging of times. 
We wish you love, light and peace. We wish you health and blessings. 

Frühling Blume

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