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Karim Mouzoun
Karim Mouzoun
Office and administration
Itto Stefanie Tapal-Mouzoun and Haddou Mouzoun
Itto Stefanie Tapal-Mouzoun and Haddou Mouzoun
Founder and leader of the "campus vivant'e"
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campus vivant'e
Ichougane - Ait Bouguemez
B.P. 3
22450 Tabant-Azilal

Visiting times/tours

Visits are possible only during the school day and upon appointment
please contact us! 



with your own car: 

Leaving Marrakech, head in the general direction of Demnate / Beni Mellal / Fès. 

In Demnate (last chance to change money, get cash, fill up with petrol, grab a bite to eat), take the turn-off in the direction of Imi n’ifri / Ait Blal / Ait Bououlli. Follow the relatively well-constructed track (can be driven on with normal cars) through the lonely mountain country into the Ait Bououlli valley, in which you will see a few loam houses clinging to the steep mountainsides and a little civilisation. Follow the paved road through the valley for about 2 hours altogether. At the end of the valley, the road then curves up the mountain to a fork. Here, take the paved road to the right in the direction of Tabant/Ait Bouguemez, following the canyon which then opens out into a broad valley. Continue down this road for about 10 km past the villages and fields as far as the second cone-shaped mountain, “Sidi Moussa”. At the foot of this mountain, drive on in the direction of “Tabant”. The “école vivante” is clearly visible on the slope on the left side of the road directly after the last curve at the foot of the mountain. 


with public transport: 

At Bab Doukkala (behind the bus station) in Marrakech, take a white Mercedes taxi to Azilal. The drive will take just under three hours. Then take another taxi in Azilal (behind the large mosque) to Tabant in the Ait Bouguemez valley. This is a journey of another two hours. The drive takes you through beautiful, almost uninhabited landscapes and later curves through the mountains. Arriving in the valley, the school is directly below the cone-shaped “Sidi Moussa” mountain, shortly before the market town of Tabant, on the left and just before the end of the paved road. 


Accommodation options in the Ait Bouguemez valley

Alliance Bérbere (near t the school) 

Gîte Flilou (15min drive) 

Gîte Imarin (15min drive)

Adazen Lodge (20min drive)

Dar Itrane (15 min to walk)

Dar Si Hamou (5 min to walk) 

Dar Afra (10 min to drive)

Gite Ait Bouguemez Pays Bèrbères (15 min to walk) 

Hotel Aït Bouguemez (20 min to walk)

Touda Lodge (1 hour to drive)


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