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Welcome in our café vivant'e!

Welcome to enjoy our homemade drinks and food on the terrace and in our newly built kitchen at the académie vivante.


All our products are handmade with love and dedication. We combine old traditional cuisine with international recipes. We use herbs and flowers from our permaculture garden. We process seasonal vegetables and fruit from the region and therefor support the valley and the local farmers. 


Our café team consists of women, some of whom never went to school. Here they are given the unique opportunity to develop themselves further - an opportunity that would otherwise probably be denied to them.

Our goal is to give them the strength to make a self-determined living. They enjoy learning in the group, they eagerly absorb everything and apply it in their daily work. 

Our team learns also foreign languages, reading, writing and arithmetic in everyday activities. 


Opening hours café vivant’e

Monday till Friday                    

9.00 am until 6.00 pm - welcome! 

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