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Teamwork at campus vivant’e

With 22 permanent members of staff, the campus is the largest private employer in the region. The local employees often support their entire extended families on their wages. At campus vivant’e, they receive continual training and professional development in various areas such as education, non-violent communication or sustainable agriculture. Self-care and self-responsibility are actively promoted so that every member of the team can contribute their best personal performance to the benefit of the whole.

The overall organisation of campus vivant’e is interconnected and places great value on the input of all those involved. The founders and leaders of the project, Haddou Mouzoun and Stefanie Tapal-Mouzoun point to social business, sustainable management and empowerment for the autonomous activity of their employees. Instead of control and hierarchies, there is trust and confidence in everyone; the key is the empowerment of the individual and the interconnection and enriching, reciprocal interaction of all. Thus, campus vivant’e grows organically and flexibly with and through the participants. 



CEO/ General management: 
Haddou Mouzoun and Stefanie-Itto Tapal-Mouzoun

Head of the schools (école vivante and collège vivant'e):
Latifa Masoud

Administrative office: 
Karim Mouzoun


The Trustee of campus vivant’e is the non-profit, Moroccan Association Vivante. The école vivante and the collège vivant’e are officially recognised private schools, registered in Morocco under authorisation no. 2016-42.


Organisational chart as of 2020

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