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Our promise

Support is a question of trust. We take our responsibility very seriously!

Securing the study- and work-places at campus vivant’e is our highest priority so we and our partners give our very best every single day. Every contribution is used for the welfare and the further development of campus vivant’e. We place great value on the highest level of professionalism and transparency possible. Our impact, our goals and the use of resources are disclosed every year in our annual report.

Many people support us on a voluntary basis with their expertise and their time. In addition to their supportive roles, partner associations in Switzerland, Austria and Germany also undertake an important controlling function. Every year, they verify the implementation of the goals on site in Morocco. This is the responsibility that they bear and assume for their donors in Europe – to ensure that every contribution is to the benefit of the schoolchildren at campus vivant’e.

A conference of the vivante community takes place every two years, at which we reflect together on our impact in Morocco and reorient ourselves for the future. All those who are actively committed to campus vivant’e with voluntary work or who would like to get involved in the future are warmly welcome to attend.

Would you like to get involved actively for campus vivant’e? Or would you like to see the impact we have on site? Then, get in touch with us. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


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