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Our values

Our values

Values and principles of conduct

The educational centre campus vivant’e is a place for tolerant, mindful and respectful interaction to establish new roads forward together. This place allows all people to discover their talents, find complete expression and find their own way with self-reliance to living a fulfilling life.  

The campus vivant’e smooths the path to happily working, learning and growing for a lifetime. It encourages people to actively shape the world, to be a peaceful and constructive influence on the challenges of the times and to bring something good back to their homelands.


The campus vivant’e stands

  • for education and advancement
  • for encounters and dialogue
  • for sustainability
  • for the connection between old and young
  • for integration into the homeland
  • for openness and innovation
  • for tolerance, respect and peace
  • for courage, self-determination and mindfulness
  • for joy in learning and growing
  • for a love of nature and creation  
  • for international exchange
  • for new opportunities


In an age characterised by rapid change, fear of the foreign, a loss of values and a rootlessness, campus vivant’e offers a real alternative. The educational centre is a place in which local traditions and the Muslim faith are put into practice in harmony and in stimulating exchange with the modern and with other cultures and religions.


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