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What we do

What we do

The campus vivant’e is located in Morocco’s High Atlas, in a remote valley at 1800m above sea level in the midst of pristine, rugged mountains. The maternelle vivante pre-school, the école vivante primary school and the collège vivant’e secondary school provide around 80 children and young people, mostly Berbers from all social classes, with a comprehensive, future-oriented education in their remote homeland.

Since 2015, children with hearing difficulties have been integrated into everyday school life. However, inclusion  at campus vivant’e means more than the integration of deaf children. We encourage the conviction that every individual, with their own individual strengths and weaknesses, has a place in society and can realise their potential.

The spacious campus grounds are farmed together with the school children according to the principals of permaculture. This has created an independently functioning ecosystem within the school grounds, which serves as a diversified place of nature and life-based learning at the school. In a region in which self-sufficiency represents a major component of the livelihood, this actively encourage self help.

With more than 20 members of local staff, the campus is the largest private employer in the region. The employees often support their entire extended families on their wages. At campus vivant’e, staff receive continual training and professional development in various areas such as education, non-violent communication or sustainable agriculture. Self-care and self-responsibility are actively promoted so that every member of the team can contribute their best personal performance to the benefit of all.

The campus has strong roots in the regional community thanks to the consistent involvement of the valley population. With its infrastructure, the educational institution offers a platform for activities with and from the population. The campus promotes the local women’s cooperative, organises events and makes a contribution to exchange in various social projects and diverse community activities.

With the current development of the académie vivante, where young people and adults have the opportunity to complete occupational training/further education or prepare for university entrance qualifications in cooperation with the local lycée, the educational circle is completed. This means that campus vivant’e contributes to the creation of real and sustainable future prospects in the valley.

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