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In our community every individual has a place

The campus vivant'e promotes each child according to its strengths and weaknesses. We live the conviction that every person has a right to holistic development - equal opportunities for all.

Educational opportunities for children with a disability, especially with hearing impairment, are still a very underdeveloped area in Morocco. In recent years, the government has shown much goodwill in improving their situation, but there are still few perspectives for these children, especially in remote areas. Often they do not receive schooling at all or cannot follow regular classes due to their handicap. In close exchange with local pioneers in this field and with experts from all over the world, we develop possibilities to teach the deaf in our schools and thereby open up perspectives.

Five deaf students are already learning at campus vivant'e and are integrated into our regular classes. Together with deaf teachers, the teaching team continuously develops the learning methods and opportunities for deaf children. Their specific needs are harmonized with the requirements of the national curriculum and in accordance with our individualized pedagogy. The pedagogy for the deaf is an enrichment in the everyday school life and an exciting learning field for young and old with a signal effect to the outside world.


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