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Learning from and with nature

The pedagogy at campus vivant'e is based on the conscious experience of holistic knowledge. Since 2017, the extensive campus grounds have been managed according to the principles of permaculture. 

Why permaculture?

Morocco is a country that is rapidly losing groundwater and healthy, high-yield soils due to drought and erosion.

Permaculture is a method in which all elements of nature (animals, people, plants in the herb- and house garden, trees, compost, etc.) are arranged and designed in such a way that many small functioning cycles are created. This not only gives the system stability, but also conserves natural resources and leads to a continuous humus build-up.

On the school grounds we create an independently functioning ecosystem with permaculture, which our students help to build, develop and adapt. From the first to the ninth grade, each schoolchild goes through an annual cycle in all gardening areas. In such an ecosystem we work with nature and not against it. The chickens help us to work the soil, the birds create a habitat so that they can supply fertilizer. There is a well thought-out water management, using every drop of water and in many cases using it more than once. Almost 1000 trees were replanted in 2016/17 and through innovative terracing on the slope behind the school buildings a new forest and country garden, our forêt vivante, is being created. 

Our pedagogy is based on the conscious experience of holistic knowledge. Permaculture offers us a continuous and diverse place of learning on our own school grounds. This project has model character for the region and also opens new horizons for the valley population by active inclusion. We thus make a direct contribution to the UNO's Agenda 2030 and against the devastation of the country. 



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